A munitions powder factory exploded in France, and it will also be used in Ukraine St

The factory produced nitrocellulose for ammunition. The company Eurenco, which owns the plant, produced modular cannons for 155-millimeter howitzers, including Caesar. France sent you to Ukraine to help them, and the army is standing by. They are indoor plants for one of the best weapon systems that can be found in the West.

There were approximately 40 people in the buildings at the time of the explosion. The mayor of the city, Jonathan Prioleaud, told AFP.

The Eurenco company thus produced propellants, fuels and batteries for both military and civilian use.

The leaders of the southern French region of Dordogne said that the rescue and fire brigade were on the scene of the fire after the explosion. The mayor of Bergerac told the townspeople not to visit the area.

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