A lot of firefighters fighting with leeks in Czech Republic were caught by covid Home

He drew attention to the occurrence of covid in ter Think. According to him, one of his employee daughters was even supposed to die in isolation.

Meme to confirm that covid has occurred in you. “We took a lot of precautions, we regularly test leni tuba, and this is how the people in tuba have changed so much,” Marvan said. According to him, the intervening units are in the back and use emissaries to communicate.

The fire department, where one person was confirmed to be infected, had to leave Hensko by hand after passing through.

In the Czech Republic, which destroys it in a day, the fire department wants to eliminate it within a few days. They got it under control on Monday and today they changed its area, spreading it to an area of ​​around 600 hectares.

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