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The helicopter transported the injured firefighter to the trauma center of the Ústí hospital. “I can confirm the intervention in Hřensk, where at the moment we transported one of our colleagues to the Ústí trauma center after falling from a rock,” said Voleník. Firefighters reported on Twitter about the injury of one of the responding firefighters.

“One of the professional firefighters was injured during the intervention, the injury occurred in the forest when a tree fell. The firefighter was transported in a suspension under the helicopter of the air rescue service to a safe place, then flew with him to the hospital,” the firemen said in the afternoon.

On Saturday, two more firefighters were injured and ended up in Děčín hospital. The spokesman for the Ústí fire department, Lukáš Marvan, told that they were stung by wild wasps and bees. “One firefighter sprained his ankle because he was running from the bees. Another stepped on the nest,” added Marvan.

The spokesman for the ambulance service added to that one of the firefighters had an allergic reaction after being stabbed. “The second one had a moderate injury to his lower leg. As far as I have information, neither of them should be in immediate danger to their lives,” said Voleník.

The Minister of the Interior, Vít Rakušan, said on Saturday morning that the intervention had so far taken place without any injuries. “It’s a miracle that there hasn’t been significant damage to the technology so far either. As well as significant injuries. The work of the firefighters is carried out professionally and I thank them once again for that,” said the minister in the morning.

More than 750 firefighters are fighting the fire in the National Park České Švýcarsko, and on Saturday they were reinforced by around 240 new ones. Eight helicopters are also deployed. The goal of Saturday’s intervention is to reduce the area of ​​the fire, i.e. to move from fire defense to attack. So far, the fire has been contained to an area of ​​about five by two kilometers.

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