A bunch of Motorist reindeer are getting ready for a duel with a bunch of Prague reindeer | Nzory

But if you have a car, cities are blocked by them, like democracy. It’s like feudalism is coming back, if only those who pay for it are allowed to enter the center. The rich should again be on top.

There is no easy one here. Anyone who says that he is against privileges and that every motorist, cyclist and pedestrian has the same year in free time should add how crowded the streets and parking spaces are. That night is an ideal darkness for campaigners, barricade watchers and cultural wolves. The darkness raised by Petr Macinka with a group of Motorist reindeer. It’s a clear day for a duel with Jan Iinski and the Praha sob team. With the one who, according to Macinka, tries to impose the Praman lifestyle on a group of people.

It will be a pure cultural wolf. A situation where the voters had no illusions that the Motorists themselves had an urban vision of traffic congestion, but the fight will be fought between two views and ideas for life. Enter the 2022 municipal election campaign.

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