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Baldwin said the pistol fired spontaneously

Actor Alec Baldwin in the first interview after the death of the operator on the set of the film, he said that he did not pull the trigger of the revolver, the shot that killed the woman happened spontaneously.

“Scene: two guys drove me into a corner, they think I’m wounded, but I distract them, pull out a pistol, point them – filmed,” Baldwin said in an interview with the TV channel ABC

According to him, the deceased operator indicated how to direct the weapon, the scene was rehearsed many times, but it was never necessary to pull the trigger. “Importantly, it wasn’t planned to shoot from that angle,” Baldwin said.

The actor showed that he manipulated the cocking of the trigger with his thumb, emphasizing that he did not pull the trigger. According to Baldwin, he was previously told that pulling the trigger erases the mechanism. “They told me the gun was empty,” Baldwin insisted.

“I pointed to the camera – you see it, see this? – Bam. The weapon should have been empty. I was told it was empty,” Baldwin said.

He stressed that he would never point a pistol at a person or pull the trigger. For the gun, according to Baldwin, one person was responsible for the set.

This is the first official communication Baldwin with the press after the incident, before that he on the side of the road answered several questions from reporters who haunted him.

Baldwin said that he could not wait for the official announcement of the incident, so he decided on an interview. During the conversation with the journalist, the actor cried and apologized. Baldwin spoke about the days preceding the tragedy and the work on the site. He called Rust a film “with a small budget,” explaining that in such conditions he could not complain about someone from his team.

Baldwin admitted that the people with whom he worked on the project evoked creativity in him. “This movie made me love filmmaking again. You know, I used to love making films,” Baldwin said emotionally, wiping away his tears.

Baldwin added that he received requests to improve the team’s living conditions, but no one raised safety concerns on the site.

There was no excess savings in budget allocation, Baldwin insisted. “Steven Spielberg wants to save money, Tom Cruise wants to save money. Everyone who makes movies, if they are reasonable, “said the actor who also produced the film.

Baldwin fired a pistol loaded with live ammunition while rehearsing an episode on the set of the western “Rust” on October 21. As a result, a native died Of Ukraine, cameraman Galina Hutchins, and director Joel Sousa was badly injured.

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