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Norway figured out how to betray NATO in case of war with Russia

Chapter Norwegian Foreign Ministry Anniken Witfeldt said in an interview with the newspaper VGthat the country’s new government is in favor of restricting the movement of allies Oslo on NATO near borders Of Russia

“For Norway, the military presence in the areas close to us is important. But, in our opinion, it would be better if in the immediate vicinity of the Russian border we manage on our own – with the help of Norwegian aircraft and frigates. This is very important for us,” Witfeldt said. …

She noted that she plans to discuss this issue with Great Britain and USA

“They can make decisions themselves. But we, in turn, must protect the interests of Norway. And it is in the Norwegian interests to take care of the defense of these areas independently, by the forces of the Norwegian armed forces,” Witfeldt explained.

At the same time, she noted that now the presence of the American Armed Forces in the area near the border with Russia is no more than in other periods of the “post-war era.”

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