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Chapter "Vectors" Called fiction of the connection of coronavirus with Ebola

The coronavirus cannot combine with Ebola due to the different genetic structure, but a person can get sick at the same time with them, then the outcome is likely to be extremely unfavorable, the head of the Yekaterinburg Research Institute of Viral Infections FBSI SSC VB Vector told RIA Novosti Rospotrebnadzor, Doctor of Biological Sciences Alexander Semyonov

“Combining Ebola with the coronavirus is something of a cheap Hollywood fiction. The variant of the coronavirus – neither omicron, nor alpha, nor delta, nor theta, nor any other future – cannot connect with the Ebola virus. similarly, a mermaid with a horse cannot give fruitful offspring, because they are built differently, “Semenov said.

He explained that coronavirus and Ebola have different genetic structures. Ebola is like a hot dog with a long sausage, in which genetic information is recorded, and the coronavirus is like a hairy ball, and they cannot connect with each other.

At the same time, according to Semenov, a person can get sick at the same time and coronavirus, and Ebola, it is impossible to predict the outcome in this case, but, most likely, the outcome will be extremely unfavorable.

“But this will be a normal fact, as, for example, many people with hepatitis C can also get sick with HIV, but these are different diseases caused by two different pathogens,” Semenov said.

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