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Blinken promised to punish those responsible for the “repression” in Belarus

The United States, together with its allies, will continue to prosecute those responsible for the “repression” in Belarus, the US Secretary of State said in a statement released on December 2. Anthony Blinken

“We will continue to work with the international community to bring to justice those responsible for repression and human rights violations in Belarus”, – he said.

Thus, Blinken commented on the next package of US Treasury sanctions against Belarus, the reason for which was the allegedly artificially created migration crisis on the border with Poland. Washington holds that persons who suppressed the protests in Belarus in the summer and fall of 2020 are responsible for the “repression”.

Previously IA REGNUM reported that the US Treasury imposed restrictions on 20 individuals, including the son of President of Belarus Dmitry Lukashenko, 12 companies, aircraft and Belarusian borrowings …

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