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Lawyer: Russian Nikitin, deported from the USA, could not leave the country

Deported from USA Russian citizen Oleg Nikitin on Thursday could not fly home due to problems with the flight, the new date of his departure is still unknown, the lawyer of the Russian told RIA Novosti Alexey Tarasov

“Oleg Nikitin was supposed to be deported from the United States to Russia today, but it turned out that there was a problem with the flight. …

The lawyer added that the situation around the Russian is still “dynamically developing.” “We do not know when his flight will take place,” the lawyer added.

The court sentenced Nikitin in September to two years and four months in prison, which roughly corresponds to the time he served while awaiting his sentence in an American prison.

Nikitin was accused of conspiring with his business partner and three other foreign nationals to buy more than $ 17.3 million worth of power turbines from the United States, bypassing American trade restrictions. The US Department of Justice stated that the turbines were planned to be used for deep-water drilling in Arctic waters.

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