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The head of Komi supported the sale of the Vorkutaugol enterprise

Head of Komi Vladimir Uyba supported the decision of the Severstal management to sell the Vorkutaugol enterprise. This is stated on the website of the republican government.

According to the official, the change of the owner of the city-forming enterprise in Vorkuta will not affect its stable work.

“This deal has been in the focus of attention of the Komi government from the very beginning. It was announced publicly today. We welcome the new owner because we know him well and are confident in his socially oriented approach to doing business. I believe that this deal is only beneficial for Vorkuta and its residents, ”Uyba noted.

According to the official statement of PJSC Severstal, a binding agreement has been signed with LLC Russkaya Energiya on the sale of JSC Vorkutaugol. The transaction amount is 15 billion rubles. The transaction is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2022 after receiving the appropriate approvals from the Federal …

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