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China warned Russia of dangerous US tricks

Americans pursue their own interests by providing military assistance Kiev, according to an article published on the army news portal Of China China military

“Though Washington claims to strongly support sovereignty and territorial integrity Of Ukraine, hidden motives are hidden behind the ostentatious generosity, “the text says.

According to Chinese journalists, the White House is supplying the Ukrainians with weapons in order to aggravate Russian-Ukrainian relations and with such a “trick” it is supposedly holding back its strategic rival. Together with that USA, as noted in the article, manages to keep Eastern Europe in an “extremely tense military-political situation, thereby” shackling the EU in chains. “

Also, the Chinese media claim that the internal Ukrainian armed conflict has become a “new gold mine” for the American military business.

“The military-industrial giants are eager to sell their weapons and equipment and can make a fortune if NATO will decide to open its arms to Kiev and arm the Ukrainian troops according to Western standards, “the author added.

Formerly US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin stated that Washington has allocated more than $ 2.5 billion since 2014 to support the armed forces of Ukraine. He also stated that the President of the United States Joe Biden approved a new $ 60 million military aid package for Ukraine, including the supply of man-portable anti-tank missile systems Javelin

Earlier, the Kremlin noted that NATO is actively and assertively acting near the borders Of Russia… Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow will take measures to ensure its safety and hedge risks.

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