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Police reported detention of armed man at UN headquarters

V New york detained a man with a shotgun who was walking around the headquarters UN, a police officer in the cordon told RIA Novosti.

“Everything is clean,” – said the interlocutor of the agency.

The RIA Novosti police department confirmed that the man was in custody. They did not report on his motives, in addition, there is no information whether the incident was regarded as a terrorist attack.

Earlier on December 2, special services cordoned off the quarter, where they noticed an armed man. There were no reports that he made any demands. The police tried to enter into dialogue and asked through the loudspeaker to put the weapon on the ground.

According to the UN press service, none of the organization’s employees was in danger in connection with the incident. General Secretary Antonio Guterres was in the building, RIA Novosti said its official representative Stephan Dujarrick

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