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Ambassador after the cancellation of the ballet "Nutcracker" in Germany offered to watch it in Russia

Russian Ambassador Sergei Nechaev after the temporary suspension of the Nutcracker ballet performances in Berlin invited the Germans to watch the broadcast of the performance from Russia.

The Berlin State Ballet had previously decided to temporarily suspend the show of the classic Nutcracker, staged by Russian choreographers Vasily Medvedev and Yuri Burlaka, due to the need for a “new reading of the material.” This was announced to the BILD tabloid by acting artistic director of the troupe Christian Theobald. This, according to Theobald, is about the artificial darkening of the skin of the performers in a number of scenes that caused written protests from the audience back in 2015, as well as about “stereotypes” in the performance of some of the supposedly national dances that are in the ballet. In addition, the Royal Ballet made changes to the production. Great Britainby reducing the number of dancers in the Arabian dance “Coffee” from four to two for fear of “offensive hints of a harem” in the scene.

“Such a radical interpretation of political correctness, of course, causes rejection for many. Commentators compete in irony, but the situation is far from funny. This episode clearly highlighted the degree of distortion of common sense, which can be reached in an effort to meet the expectations of the” progressive “part of humanity”, – wrote Nechaev in a commentary for the Moscow newspaper Berliner Zeitung

According to him, such decisions look like a substitute for “necessary and important work on understanding the crimes of the colonial period and restitution of the damage caused.”

“The removal of posters painfully resembles well-known episodes of history and cannot but cause concern … Germany the culture of abolition does not correspond to the real sentiments of the majority of citizens. In the meantime, the good old fairy tale was under sanctions, we can console the respected Berlin public with an offer to enjoy the unsurpassed Nutcracker broadcast from the best Russian theaters, “wrote Nechaev.

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