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China removes Lithuania from its customs register

Lithuania will no longer be able to ship its goods to China, as Beijing has completely struck the country from its customs register, Lithuanian media reported on December 2.

According to the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry, at the moment Vilnius has turned to the European Union for help. The Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists has already officially confirmed the removal of Lithuania from the customs documents of China.

According to the President of the Confederation Vidmantas Janulevicius, Lithuanian exporters started to face serious problems.

“The Ministry is informed about the probable barriers to the entry of Lithuanian products into China … we collect all possible information from the Chinese side about the restrictions imposed”, – stated in the message of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania on this matter.

Let us remind you that earlier Vilnius announced its readiness to “establish economic and diplomatic ties” with Taiwan and open a trade office there. In response, the official Beijing recalled the policy of one China and …

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