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Schallenberg is ready to step down as chancellor of Austria, media reported

Chancellor of Austria Alexander Schallenberg expressed his readiness to leave his post, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Karl Nehammer may become the new Austrian chancellor, the newspaper reported Kronen Zeitung

Earlier Thursday, Schallenberg’s predecessor as chancellor Sebastian Kurtz announced his retirement from politics. This came after he resigned as chancellor in October amid an anti-corruption investigation. Kurz noted that on Friday he will hand over his powers as head of the Austrian People’s Party (ANP). According to the Kronen Zeitung, the current Interior Minister, Nehammer, is to take up this post.

Schallenberg said he “firmly believes” that both positions – head of government and leader Austrian People’s Party – “should soon be again concentrated in the same hands.”

According to the newspaper, Interior Minister Karl Nehammer will “almost certainly” be appointed the new Federal Chancellor.

Schallenberg did not specify whether he now wants to return to the foreign ministry, which he previously headed.

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