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Columbia Exchange is losing players

The Columbia Stock Exchange (BVC) risks losing two major issuers if the Gilinski Group decides to buy parts of the Sura Group and Nutresa Group. Colombian news agency elCOLOMBIANO reported on December 2.

SURO GROUP is a BVC listed diversified financial services company participating in the US ADR – Level program. NUTRESA GROUP is a Colombian food conglomerate. The value of the shares of both companies was actively increasing before the receipt of the offer to take over their GILINSKI.

The applicant wants to acquire 31.68% of Sura and 62.62% of Nutresa for $ 8.08 and $ 7.71 respectively, which is 27% above market value.

Colombian billionaire Jaime Gilinski announced that he is going to bring Nutresa to the New York Stock Exchange, thereby turning it into a global company. Following the announcement of the Gilinski Group’s target, the shares of the three main holding companies of the Grupo Empresarial Antioqueño (GEA) gained in value.

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