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Which of the “antivaxers” will be imprisoned for the war with QR codes and vaccinations

Extremism and fakes, as well as calls for pitchforks and attacks in commenting on the topic of vaccinations or QR codes can lead to fines and time limits. In particular, we are talking about the speaker’s post Viacheslava Volodin and the public’s reaction to it (as well as bot farms).

In particular, the threats and appeals of a number of citizens who commented on Volodin’s post on Telegram about QR codes in Russia will be checked.

Pre-investigation checks, including expert examinations, in order to make a procedural decision on the initiation of administrative and criminal cases are not excluded. This was announced by a source close to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The authors of the posts will be responsible for the public dissemination of not just deliberately false information about the coronavirus epidemic, but for such fakes that can lead to infection and death.

People who admit extremism and calls for it will also be involved (for example, in the comments they have already called for killing, attacking the children of officials, torturing civil servants and maiming doctors and inspectors), this is unacceptable and illegal.

In general, the punishments can be different – these are fines from 300 to 700 thousand, and even imprisonment for a term of three to ten years.

According to a source close to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, people under the post in the comments expressed their fears, problems and ideas, in this there is no crime and cannot be.

“But a number of personalities and” bots “calling for extremism, illegal actions, as well as publicly disseminating deliberately false data on the composition of vaccines, plans of the authorities, all kinds of panic rumors and outright fakes, are obliged to answer for their actions,” he said.

According to experts, from the advantages of such an “open dialogue” – among thousands of normal citizens, an “asset” of offenders has been identified who can be held accountable for extremist calls and threats to life and health.

The Russians themselves apply to the checking structures with screenshots of “anti-Akser” statements. Earlier, by the way, a list of fakes about a pandemic and vaccination was compiled, for which the citizens of Russia will be held accountable.

We will remind, Roszdravnadzor instructed the territorial authorities to report to the Investigative Committee and the prosecutor’s office about anti-vaccinations spreading fakes about the coronavirus. Particular attention will be paid to the anti-axer doctors.

As stated in the letter, employees of Roszdravnadzor will have to report on citizens “whose activities have signs of offenses, the responsibility for the commission of which is provided for by Articles 207.1 and 207.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.” The first article provides for imprisonment for up to three years, and the second for up to five years.

Prosecutors explained that “the public nature of the spread of fakes about the coronavirus or vaccination” can be manifested in the use of the media, information and telecommunication networks, including instant messengers (WhatsApp, Viber and others).

It is also illegal to send mass e-mails to mobile subscribers, speaking at a meeting, rally, distributing leaflets, hanging posters, etc. That is, any publicly voiced information of a fake or threatening nature may become a subject for proceedings with the security forces.

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