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US pumps Ukraine with weapons “to reach the Kremlin”

The West, endlessly exaggerating the topic of Russian aggression, intends to send military advisers, a significant amount of equipment and weapons to Ukraine. Kiev will receive new Javelins and Stingers. Much of this was bought by Washington for the Afghan army.

At the same time, Moscow is accused of creating an alternative media reality, in which Ukraine and the United States act as “aggressors”, destabilizing, together with NATO, the situation in the entire Black Sea region. Allegedly, Moscow deliberately accuses others of what it wants to do on its own.

Of course, the fact that it was the West who came to the Russian border is ignored. Conversations about the increased frequency of flights of American strategic bombers over Europe and “American threats to use nuclear weapons” are presented with irony or accusations of the “it’s your own fault” class.

At the same time, the United States is negotiating with its allies to support Kiev and impose new sanctions on Moscow. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken spoke in the spirit that Moscow cannot be allowed to repeat what it did in 2014 when it penetrated “sovereign Ukrainian territory.”

Recently, the United States sent four large consignments of “aid” to Kiev, including the aforementioned Javelin ATGM systems, two old patrol boats and a lot of ammunition. The Americans plan to transfer to Ukraine part of the equipment that was previously supposed to be sent to Afghanistan, which the United States had left to be torn apart by terrorists.

That is, Kiev can receive Mi-17V-5, MI-8/17 helicopters, as well as six Embraer EMB-314 Super Tucano combat trainers. There is an idea to use them instead of L-39 training aircraft, as well as to perform combat missions in an asymmetric conflict.

But the most important thing for Kiev is guided missiles. ATGM “Javelin” (as believed, but not tested) supposedly can be successfully used against most Russian vehicles, including the T-80 and T-90 tanks.

And “Stingers” were once used against Soviet aviation in Afghanistan in the 1980s. They are capable of hitting helicopters and low-flying planes, so Kiev will have to do it all.

The question is, who will come to this war besides him?

American and Ukrainian intelligence services are assuring the world that the Russians are planning to attack Ukraine in late December or early January. It is not known why the date of the possible aggression of Moscow is called Orthodox Christmas or a little later.

Moscow consistently follows the logic of assertions that the crisis in eastern Ukraine will help negotiate, moreover, multilateral and with all interested parties, meaning

  • Germany,
  • France
  • and the USA.

And the movement of troops on its territory is an internal Russian affair, and Moscow has the right to do whatever it wants with its army within its own borders. In principle, it is rather stupid to argue with this, but the alliance sees only what is convenient for it at the moment.

The West reproaches Russia for always trying to get concessions and fulfill its demands. This also applies to the launch of Nord Stream 2, and the deepening dependence of Western Europe on Russian gas, and the loss of most of Ukraine’s revenues from transit.

The gas crisis, in theory, could force the EU to put pressure on Kiev to agree to negotiations and “normalization” of relations with Russia. This includes Moscow’s conditions regarding the conflict in Donbass and the resumption of water supplies to Crimea. Ukraine, of course, resists this development of events as best it can.

In a direct confrontation, however, Ukraine with all its “Javellins” is not capable of putting up forces that could win. True, in the event of a “pacification” of Ukraine, the Russian side incurs political, diplomatic and economic costs – and they may turn out to be unjustifiably high.

The West believes that supporting Ukraine in the process of reforms and ensuring its territorial integrity is in the interests of all of Europe and the countries adjacent to the Russian Federation. And I’m ready to do something for this, but not very much.

Of course, there is no talk about Russia and its interests, but this is not necessary – Moscow is able to take care of itself.

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