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Armenia made too many mistakes

What role in the armed conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan Turkish drones “Bayraktar” played, as well as the key mistakes of Yerevan and winning tactics Baku told Alexander Artamonov, military observer Pravda.Ru.

The drone myth

– Today we will talk about the 44-day war on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan, in the zone, which, according to international acts, belongs to Azerbaijan. There are 4 UN resolutions on this issue 20 years ago. I visited the former front line, which is called the Maginot line, in the Khojaly and Aghdam regions, I saw the consequences of this war in Agdam, which is rarely covered in the Russian media.

There are several myths. The first myth: “Bayraktar” won the war. Azerbaijan spent a lot of money on rearmament. Armenia also spent, but much less, and, oddly enough, had a serious military force, relying on Russian supplies and well-trained special forces. Nevertheless, what happened happened. A myth was born that the war was won by a new miracle weapon – “Bayraktar”, a Turkish-made drone. The myth hit the minds of the Armenians, who felt their inferiority: they have no drones.

This myth gave rise to an incorrect assessment of reality from the Azerbaijani side, that is, everyone believed that with the help of drones, one could allegedly win wars.

In the late 90s, there was a conflict on the border between Lebanon and Israel, when for the first time drones showed their effectiveness: the Israeli side had a Harpy. “Harpies” destroyed a large number of winged technology opposing Israel, and thus Israel won one (note, one) aerial victory. He did not win the war.

A large number of military equipment took part in the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, were:

  • missile strikes,
  • heavy barreled artillery,
  • armored units,
  • Special Forces,
  • mines,
  • weapon,
  • knives.

Then there was a raid of several hundred “Bayraktar” on the Armenian positions, which were considered absolutely impregnable, in the Karabakh region, in the Aghdam region. The Armenians fought and retreated right up to Shushi.

The relief of that area and the special operation of the Azerbaijani mountain rangers decided the outcome of the conflict.

“Bayraktar” can lift 200 kilograms into the air. It is a “heavenly slug” that can be shot down by any anti-aircraft missile system, having determined its location using a radar (radar station) or a thermal imager. It is even possible to seize control of the Bayraktar using the Krasukh weapons and more. In the Russian army, there are 3-4 types of such. You can create a field in which such a technique simply does not fly. Therefore, it is impossible to win with the help of “Bayraktar”.

Too many mistakes

– Another myth is the minefields that the Armenians set up. I saw them on the outskirts of Aghdam, Shusha, more than a million mines in Karabakh. Demining work is underway with the help of:

  • special equipment and robots from the Russian side,
  • heavy vehicles from the Turkish side.

Now sappers do not work with either the Turkish or the Russian side: there is a change of teams at the end of November on a rotational basis.

The minefields could not completely protect the Armenians. How are mines dealt with? These are air raids that pour fire on the enemy and bomb minefields. This is a special engineering technique that, under enemy fire, being armored, makes moves. This is also possible in the event of the death of military personnel. But when did the deaths of military personnel stop people from waging wars?

There is also a tactic of terror. It was applied in Agdam. I visited Agdam – a terrible experience. This is a city that does not exist. If Armenian war theorists knew better the experience of bombing:

  • Murmansk,
  • Dresden,

they would have realized that the scorched earth tactics were backfiring. Residents of the city work with tripled energy in factories that are protected from bombing.

There is also the destruction of the civilian population. 500 Azerbaijanis were killed in Khojaly, an exodus was organized, more than 200 thousand people left Karabakh. But the outcome does not lead to the desired results, because the enemy receives symbols, for which he begins to fight. When you see that women, children are being killed, cemeteries are being cut down, naturally, you will fight to the end.

Azerbaijan’s victory is a combination of many types of troops and weapons. And for 27 years of preparation for the second Karabakh war, they tuned the population in the right mood. But it was not possessed by the Armenian defenders of the occupied territories in Karabakh, who understood that they were not fighting entirely for their territory.

Also, the Azerbaijanis were able to competently carry out a special operation. In Shusha, heavy equipment and air raids were not used during the capture, because they thought about preserving the city. It has the status of a shrine for Azerbaijan. An exotic maneuver was used: rarely when the special forces decide the outcome of the battle. In this case, the special forces decided everything. Mountain rangers climbed the steep cliffs, captured the central part of Shushi (a historical fortress) and carved out its garrison with knives and small arms.

In addition, the Armenians did not quite competently use their allied interests. On the one hand, it was said that Russia is an ally of Armenia, and the Russians believed that the Armenians were Christians and brothers, but suddenly a lot of details came to light.

In particular, the destruction of the Orthodox Church in the Khojaly region, which was used as a target at the training ground by the Armenian armed forces. This is a transformation of the Russian Orthodox Church in Shusha into an Armenian church: the church from Orthodox became a Monophysite Gregorian Armenian church. That is, Russia suddenly realized that Armenia looks at the problems of Orthodoxy and alliance in a completely different way. And the more illiterate was the attempt within the framework of the CSTO to break off the hands of Russia so that it would enter the conflict on the side of Armenia. Numerous mistakes gave a very disastrous result for the Armenian side.

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