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How the authorities are looking for “anti-axers” for fines and “landings”

The authorities may postpone the adoption of the law on the widespread introduction of QR codes until next year. Currently, there are too many difficulties with the perception of the people and the implementation of this measure.

This was told by a source in the leadership of United Russia. He noted that the draft laws on QR codes will not be adopted in two readings this year. He noted that a monthly distribution is expected before the first reading and after the first reading. According to various sources, the adoption can take place “on December 16, and on the 20th-22nd.”

Recall that the project on the widespread introduction of QR codes meant them total application in transport, cultural institutions and non-food stores… According to the government, such an emergency measure against the background of the growth of coronavirus disease is vital to society.

The authors of the public “Mayday. Dive Chronicle” wrote that the controlling structures have finally decided what to do with the fakes about the coronavirus.

The siloviki, Roszdravnadzor and Rospotrebnadzor will bring individuals and the media to criminal liability and significant administrative fines.

The Investigative Committee has already opened 60 criminal cases for the spread of coronavirus falsity, Roszdravnadzor is looking for data from “anti-axers” for the prosecutor’s office. Activists have already found information about 37 distributors of deliberately false information.

As a rule, the main topic of such stuffing is the alleged harm of vaccines (almost 40%).

Statistically, there are a lot of messages from “Russian doctor Yura” who worked in Wuhan, and stories about Russians from abroad, for example, “Polina’s letter” from Italy. Another 23% of fakes are rumors about the benefits of ginger, vodka inhalations and other methods of “curing” the virus.

In conditions when Russians die in hundreds a day, such a measure is a compulsory one, corresponding to the time, which is comparable to martial law.

According to media reports, monitoring is already underway to identify the distributors of fakes and bring them to justice.

They pass:

  • in popular social networks (VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Twitter),
  • messengers (chats and channels “Telegram”, “Vatsap,” Viber).

Fakes that specialists are looking for and for which criminal cases and fines will be applied include:

  • distortion of statistics,
  • lies about diseases and deaths from “covid” and after immunization,
  • false information about the composition and consequences of the use of vaccines (Russian and foreign) against coronavirus,
  • fakes about “chemireils and coronavirus”,
  • lies about the nature of the coronavirus and its spread,
  • conspiracy theories (“chipping”, “loss of human / body subjectivity”, etc.).

Of course, fakes are circulating about the reasons and consequences of the introduction of QR codes (hereinafter – “passports of health and immunization”).

For all this will be, as in a song, “who to judge, who to plant”

Russians today independently search and send to law enforcement officers information from “antivaxers”, in particular, posts on the Network against vaccination, screenshots from chats.

The question of who needs fakes is not as simple as it might seem. The argument that competition and “scramble to reach” within a country does not hold water.

Although in the field of the market, vaccine developers have repeatedly distinguished themselves, whose virologists, without giving any numbers and facts, “doubted”, for example, the effectiveness of the development of other centers. Such populism is not just anti-people and pseudoscientific, it creates chaos and fear among ordinary Russians, increasing mistrust of all Russian vaccines.

But the factor of external influence is much more complicated and destructive. After two “covid” years, no one else dares to underestimate the importance of biosafety for the country and the world as a whole. And the world “pharma” in the fight for the global market has no reasonable boundaries at all.

Analysts recalled targeted Ukrainian and Western attacks on the authority of the Novosibirsk “Vector”, which is also one of the two owners of smallpox collection in the world and the largest “bank of viruses”. They tried to close the center in the 90s in order to take the collection into one American hands – an institute in Atlanta.

Kremlin: new waves of “covid” will cover the world, QR codes forever

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