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If not the law on QR codes: the State Duma sees two options

Against the backdrop of an increase in the number of cases of COVID-19, the decision on the so-called QR codes really loses all meaning, the head of the State Duma Committee for Control believes Oleg Morozov (“United Russia”).

Follow the development of events in the broadcast: “Omicron will unpleasantly surprise, the fifth wave of COVID covers Russia – broadcast”

“This is already an ineffective half-measure, unable to stop the new onslaught of the pandemic,” Morozov said in his Telegram channel.

In this situation, he sees two options for the development of events.

“There are only two options: the country is slowly but steadily turning into one big “red zone”, although, as they say, the death rate may not be the highest. Second: think for yourself. And he certainly does not provide QR codes as a measure of liberal control. But I predict that by April the level of vaccination in the country will definitely …

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