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Kosovo government accused of anti-Serb policy

Head of the parliamentary faction of the Serbian List, a political organization of Kosovo Serbs, Igor Simich On January 15, during an extraordinary meeting of the Kosovo parliament, he stated that the Kosovo authorities forbid the Kosovo Serbs to take part in the Serbian constitutional referendum and called such a policy anti-Serb.

According to the Albanian news agency Telegrafi, Simić and other Serbian List MPs left the meeting immediately after the speech.

“The topic that is on the agenda today will have some epilogue, in addition to the decision made. Paradoxically, the parliament, which should symbolize democracy, today adopted an act that violates the rights of the people of Serbia. You are banning Serbs from voting, and this is just one of a series of anti-Serb steps that, as I remind you again, were taken a few months ago in the north, where there are now many lawsuits against our people.


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