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Uruguay will allow entry of those infected with coronavirus under a number of conditions

President of Uruguay Louis Lacalle Pou signed a decree on January 14 allowing single travelers or family groups infected with COVID-19 to enter the country, subject to isolation rules. This is reported by the news agency Infobae.

Entry is possible only when crossing the border on personal transport and subject to joint residence during the trip. Citizens of Uruguay, as well as travelers, must comply with preventive isolation and current sanitary measures.

The President emphasized that there are no plans to close the borders, since the 20-month isolation, which ended in November 2021, did not bring results.

On January 13, 10,650 new cases were reported in the country, with a total of 65,665 active cases so far. In addition, every third of the 36,000 tests carried out was positive. A sharp increase in the number of cases…

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