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Construction crane fell on a kindergarten in Stavropol

In the Stavropol Territory on January 15, the rampage of the elements continues. Became known the extent of the destruction that the bad weather inflicted on the municipalities of the region. So, in the city of Stavropol, a construction crane was brought down by the wind, it fell on the building of a kindergarten. Over 100 trees were felled, nine cars were damaged, roofs were torn off 26 buildings in the regional center. This was reported in the press service of the regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

“At 02:00 on January 15, as a result of gusty wind, a tower crane fell on the building of a kindergarten located in the Rossiysky Residential Complex in the city of Stavropol. As of 04:00 am on January 15, 104 trees fell, the roofs of 26 buildings, both private households and socially significant facilities, were damaged, including nine cars damaged,” the rescue agency said in a statement.

It is also known that a man was injured when a tree fell on a car, he was helped. At present, the life of the victim is nothing …

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