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Mironov spoke about the indexation of pensions for working pensioners

The SRZP faction in the State Duma continues to collect signatures to apply to the Constitutional Court on the issue of indexation of pensions for working pensioners. According to the correspondent IA REGNUM January 15, this was announced by the leader of the SRZP State Duma deputy Sergei Mironov.

“Now our faction is collecting signatures of deputies under an appeal to the Constitutional Court. We are fighting on all fronts and in the end, I am sure, justice will be restored, we will return the indexation of pensions to our working pensioners, ”said Mironov.

He recalled the new provision of the Constitution, according to which the indexation of pensions in Russia should take place at least once a year – for all pensioners without exception.

Former President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin announced the indexation of pensions by 8.6%.

To apply to the Constitutional Court, it is necessary to collect 90 signatures of State Duma deputies.

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