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Argentina furious: Interpol did not arrest Iranian terrorist in Nicaragua

President of Nicaragua Daniel Ortega held a meeting on January 13 with the official delegation of Iran, headed by the vice president responsible for the terrorist attack in Buenos Aires Moshen Rezai. This is reported by the news agency La Prensa.

The presence of an Iranian guest in Nicaragua caused great indignation in Argentina. Presidential Press Secretary Gabriela Cerruti stated at a press conference that “Interpol should explain why they didn’t know Rezai was planning to be in Nicaragua and didn’t arrest him”. She also added that the issue of capturing the organizers of the terrorist attack “more dependent not on the Argentine intelligence services, but on the international police”.

Iran’s current vice president for economic affairs, Mohsen Rezaee, is one of the suspects in the attack on the headquarters of the Argentine-Israeli Association AMIA in…

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