You won’t see this on TV: Hvzda Kukaek David Novotn showed his body on the press!


After the screening of the first work, there was a kind of row at the premiere Cuckoowhen David Novotn he whistled at a press conference for the regionally popular Czech television series. Because of the bottom of the dress and his jacket, he didn’t have time, so he put it on the stage with his helmet, he arrived on a scooter. He answered this by reading the layers of clothing, which the actor gradually began to put off.

After the jacket, he wore a sweater, which he always threw on in the winter when riding a motorcycle. The actor’s skin suffered a little, but in the end it only got worse. Blaen felt in his heart that he was very happy that he managed to do all this.

It didn’t happen like that, and he got into a fight with his colleagues from the seril, showing his followers how to go. That’s what happens with a woolen sweater. Around the seats, Michal Istenk and Denisa Bareov maintained decorum and turned around for a moment so that their park would have at least a little privacy.

I’m looking for words in vain. I have to go in the morning, it’s early for me, I’m sorry, said the actor several times during the press conference.

Well, it’ll be noon in a little while, Istenk was amused.

Novotn, who has appeared in many films and series District peborPelapy, Rdl, punti na vod and others, the fact that soon he will be on TV twice a week, he will not celebrate.

David Novotn arrived at the print T for the kind of ad series Kukaky with bottoms and a helmet. He drank toti on the skreta.

I did not expect that it would turn out like this and I would be on TV twice a week. Actually, I don’t like it very much and I’ll blame another actor for it. I will also jump out at people from the cover of silence, surprised the actor who performed a great variation on the Czech comedy Don’t take off your sweater.

To watch the kind of row, go all out! Those who watched the first series and enjoyed it, definitely don’t miss the second one, he allowed himself to be heard with the fact that he would obey me and the others, of course.


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