Wollner wants to sue the women who complained about him. Where did he get the names? The source from CT has spoken!


Czech television is rocked by a scandal involving elite reporters. Marek Wollner was recently pulled from the air due to allegations of bullying and sexual harassment. The internal investigation was started by an email from his colleague and former friend Nora Fridrichová. The presenter of the 168 hours program sent it to CEO Dvořák on the morning of November 22. On Wednesday, the CT commission came to the conclusion that Wollner did not commit the crime.

“The report does not contain information that would lead to the suspicion that any criminal offense may have been committed,” CEO Petr Dvořák informed the CT Council.

Web in his article, however, he points out the peculiarities that accompanied the entire investigation of the case. Thirteen women were to testify against Wollner. According to their statements, they experienced years of bullying, bossing, mobbing and, in some cases, sexual harassment, sexism and inappropriate behavior towards subordinates. The unbearable atmosphere inside the newsroom was also repeatedly mentioned in the statements.

“He is sick! I don’t understand why someone hasn’t taken it down by now! After all, there were women, they must have a pretty tight ass. Now, after the Feri case, I don’t think he’ll allow himself anything,” is stated in the article by Markéta Dobiášová, which this former member of the Reportéři ČT editorial team published on her website on November 16 under the title “Working conditions in the Reportéři ČT editorial office: Activism, bossing and harassment”.

All the women who testified firmly believed that Czech Television would protect them. But it seems that did not happen. Indeed, the aforementioned portal states that Wollner still had access to the ČT building during the internal investigation and shortly after its end and could personally confront potential witnesses at any time.

The star of the ČT Reporters program, Marek Wollner, fell ill with the coronavirus, and the entire team...

Server List of Messages in addition, he recently brought information that an investigative journalist plans to sue the women who testified against him before the commission.

“Those women went there to testify, trusting that their testimony would not get out. In the end, however, everything is different, and now they should be afraid. This is our barracks,” a source told Expres directly from the Kavče Hory.

At the very least, it is also remarkable that none of the witnesses has any idea what the final report, already drawn up by the CT commission, actually looks like and what is written in it. On the other hand, Marek Wollner, according to Czech Television spokesperson Karolína Blinková, got hold of the document.

“Marek Wollner, to whom the employee’s submission concerns, received a copy of the commission’s report, in which all personal data were completely anonymized and adapted so that it was not recognizable who and what testified before the commission. He received a copy of the report so that he could comment on it in writing so that the facts would be clarified and the matter could be resolved and closed.” Blinková told Expresa.

“Marek Wollner has committed himself to secrecy about the content of the report, including the obligation not to make the report available to third parties. Therefore, Marek Wollner does not have the testimony of the witnesses at his disposal, but the report of the commission,” added the press spokesperson of ČT.

Wollner was to use the document as a weapon. I don’t have a good feeling, claims a source from CT

The spokeswoman did not respond to the question of how it was possible that Marek Wollner should have declared to the media that he would sue individual witnesses. Portal states that Wollner began to use the document as a weapon in his defense.

He allegedly sent text messages to former editors, and this continued even after he got hold of the said message.

Playwright and editor-in-chief of the program Reportéri ČT Marek Wollner.

A few days before his dismissal, he was supposed to lead one of the ČT Reporters’ meetings, where he opened the topic of his investigation and tried to play on the emotions of his colleagues. He claimed that the case could destroy his life and family.

According to our source directly from the Kavčí hor building, it can be expected that the case surrounding Mark Wollner will have a very negative impact on the operation of the entire institution.

“Obviously it will affect the atmosphere a lot. I personally don’t feel good about it either,” confided a person from Czech Television, who spoke only under the guarantee of anonymity.

Tvarůžková: Fridrichová is a peculiar being, but she didn’t bully me

In addition to Mark Wollner, the CT commission is also dealing with the behavior of his colleague and former friend Nora Fridrichová. It was Fridrichová who filed the complaint against Wollner, and he later repaid her with the same coin. He filed a complaint against the dramaturg of the 168 hours program that she was committing bossing.

The editors of Expres contacted Zuzana Tvarůžková, a former colleague of Nora Fridrichová some time ago. The journalist, who is currently on maternity leave, told us that she did not experience any bullying from Fridrichová.

“I worked with Nora for about ten years. She never bullied me, I know that for sure. He’s a peculiar creature, but there’s never been any problem between us.” Tvarůžková told Express.

You can read the whole interview HERE.


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