Wollner kon on esk television. She stood up for him once when he was on the loose


Although the internal commission cleared him, Marek Wollner will not continue on ESK TV. Both parties had to agree on this. In an official statement, the television thanked the long-time moderator behind the Report T program for his service and emphasized that tense situations may arise during the preparation of a short program, which may seem overwhelming to some.

Wollner has been suspended from the post in recent weeks due to accusations of harassment and bossing. her experience with him must have been that of a television employee.

His long-time colleague Nora Fridrichov filed the motion for the investigation, and it was sent by e-mail led by T. Wollner, who countered the accused Fridrichov for the change.

esk television reported two days ago that the internal commission did not find the commission of a criminal act in the case of Marko Wollner. She was criticized for that, people don’t understand how the public media can decide whether someone has or has not committed a crime.

Marek Wollner has decided to leave the television. She reported about it on social media.

This step is the result of a mutual agreement, beneficial for both parties. Although there is no indication that Mark Wollner’s actions would be criminal, at this time both sides consider the termination of cooperation as a step that will help stabilize the situation in the editorial office and stop the damage to the good name of T. uvd swallowed.

even television appreciated Wollnerv’s performance and highlighted him under Reporti T with the words that his representative was able to bleed even the so-called nationwide cases.

The diversity of the preparation of such a program is the answer to the demands placed on its authors. In this regard, Czech television should understand that when working on demand, tense situations arise naturally. It is the duty of television to create an environment for all its employees that is dignified and in which the time is respected, T wrote on the day.


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