Will there be smiles on sad events? Klra and Ivan meet at the funeral of Ladislav Trojan


Can family sadness make me smile, or at least sharpen the edges of broken marriages? For the first time since the announcement of the divorce, actors Klra (51) and Ivan (58) Trojans will be together in public. It is hoped that their entire family, including the child, will come to the church of St. Ignce on Karlov mnst.

For the first time since it came to the surface that het was being played Clary and Ivan to the Trojans after ten years of divorce, he will be seen in public in a church full of people. The actor was the mother-in-law, and the mother was the son-in-law, and she got along great with him.

The last farewell to our aunt, actor Ladislav Trojan, will take place this Thursday, December 22, from 2 p.m. in the form of a memorial service in the church of St. Ignce at Karlovy Vary in Prague. We will be glad when you come to light a candle for dad and give him a nice memory. There, Ivan and the whole family, wrote actor’s brother in the caption Over there.

Can sadness grind away the edges of a crumbling marriage and find a former partner and a common e? The destruction of the legendary bard could bring their paths together again, they would not be the first or the last to be drawn together again by the death of a close hunter.

Ladislav Trojan with his son Ivan

Meanwhile, people are already wondering how men will treat each other. Rumors circulating in the Czech show business sound that Klra can have a new partner and has broken her head over marriage for good.

The express at the last farewell to Ladislav Trojan will be like this.


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