Vnon Adam Miko’s dilemma with Natlka: Where will he spend the night in the end?


It will be the first Christmas that Adam Mik (25) and Natlie Jirskov (18) will spend together as pr. They might just want to spend the holidays in the dark and watch movies, but since they have extended families, they are stressed about how things will actually be on the holiday day and night. Do you have any instructions on how to do it?

Sympathetic pr Adam Mik and Natalia Jirskov although I haven’t been looking for the faith lately, but they made an exception and added Glo to the crack. They didn’t move away from each other until the exchange and it seemed that for a while they didn’t even notice the world around them, how in love they were.

This will be the first Christmas for the singer and model to celebrate together. The fact that he lived together is not a secret, but how will it be with their families during the day and evening? He can’t put pressure on his family and wants to be with them.

eme, how do we make it so that everyone can be with their family, but so that we can spend it together. We have different transport options here, because I don’t have the best time to get to Prague. So let’s see how we have to figure it out, revealed the world full of Natlka.

Adam would also like to be with his mother and his aunt Vladimr, who was not in the best of health.

Adam and Natlie were about to have fun at the Glo tables on the crack of Insert.

We have to figure out the transport, but let’s figure it out, because it always ends up somehow with us, Adam laughed.

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