Vmolova Lela: Tennis in the lower ass, then stroked by photographed lions! Hummus, zu lid


Karlos Vmola he was in the hospital not long ago and talked about how he escaped the gravedigger from the shovel. Due to his poor health, the title match with his rival Patrik Kincle even had to be cancelled.

But now the Terminator is obviously full of power. The proof will be the photos and videos that Vmola has been posting on her Instagram profile for the past few days from her vacation in Mauritius.

A popular MMA wrestler went to a romantic island with his girlfriend Lelou. Both treat their stay in the holiday paradise as an afternoon honeymoon.

Karlos Vmola and his Lela: Romance in Rust!

While Vmola tries to do sports every day, goes to the gym at night and climbs the mountains during the day, Lela especially enjoyed the service and relaxation at the luxury resort.

Lela for a drink.

He drinks delicious drinks, sunbathes on the beach and buys a new swimsuit in the local boutiques, which will emphasize his advantages.

Lela showed a figure in a swimsuit.

Hotel employee Lela must have been sweating because she played tennis with Karlos in not exactly traditional sports attire. She was only wearing a swimsuit top and shorts with Styx logos, for which Vmola did a long-term advertisement.

Kenen, I put on my shorts for the tennis, it looks good on you, in a short video Karlos. Mom, two, first morning! And it’s fucking You were joking Vmola out of love.

Lela played tennis with Karlos on vacation in only a bra and sweatpants.

Humus! To close! That invites them to be photographed, zu people

On vacation, Manel Vmol used the opportunity to mess with the local council. Karlos is known to be a big lover, especially of exotic guests. No one was so surprised that he and his wife cuddled with the elves, sat next to the iraf and fed the lions.

The first one of the photos, in which Lela and Karlos are next to a massive lion, was shared by fans on Instagram.

The best thing, probably because we have such a thing at home, I wasn’t worried at all, Vmol’s wife, who used to be used to lions from Vmoland, wrote to the picture.

But the people immediately remembered the sexbomb because he was so calm in his presence, because he was probably drugged with sedatives.

Do you know they had to sedate him to take a picture with you? one of the followers asks Karlos and Lela in the comments under the photos.

So this is hummus. You know, why should I take a picture with you? criticizes Manelsk pr dal discuster.

The poor guy is sedating my self just so you can have one poor photo. Disgust, Disgust, Disgust! This house called nepat, it’s only for a whim, pl a critic gave to Lela and Karlos.

This is a shame when the innocent have to suffer, he called himself a lover.

Lela was stroking the massive lion.

Neither Lela nor Karlos have yet responded to this criticism. But the Slovak was not happy at all when one of the critics wrote under the pictures that Lela should not go so close to the lions in Vmoland. The sex bomb objected immediately.

Who said I don’t go there? You don’t know much. I love people who talk. wrote Lela Vmola, who enjoyed a helicopter flight in Mauritius.


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