Veronika Khek Kubařová does not have a single negative role: When will she play a monster?


While in StarDance Veronika Khek Kubařová (35) succeeded in everything she tried and rightfully became the queen of the dance floor, Queen Juliet in the fairy tale The Secret of the Old Bambitka 2 is the complete opposite case. Bad luck clings to her heels, and meeting her is worse than a few black cats running across your path or stepping on a dozen canals. How did she handle the fact that she smoothly transitioned from the roles of princesses to the category of queens? Does he already have an idea of ​​what will follow them?

“Shooting like this at the castle was a dream come true for me. Childlike. When we went to castles and chateaux as children, there were barricades and ropes everywhere, where you are not allowed anymore,” she recalled filming The Secret of the Old Bambi 2 Veronika Khek Kubařová, which, thanks to the filming of fairy tales, gets to places that mere mortals can only dream of. And he does things there that are normally forbidden to people.

“Now, thanks to the fairy tale, one can go and carefully touch those things, those golden decorative ornaments. It’s really beautiful, so I’m enjoying it a lot.” the actress beamed.

“When I came for the first time, I actually had a moment where I just stared, because it’s really incredible beauty. The ceiling, the dome, the gold everywhere… I sat on the throne, which also in itself gives a person a certain feeling, in that space in the middle.” she spoke of a moment she would never forget.

In an interview for Express, she also talked about how she perceives the fact that she gradually moved into the category of queens and said goodbye to princesses. What comes next? Empress? Or something else entirely?

Tomáš Klus and Veronika Khek Kubařová on the pre-Christmas press release of Czech Television in the Klementina Chapel of Mirrors

We also discussed with the likeable actress in the pre-Christmas press of Czech Television how she explains the fact that she has in the vast majority of cases positive roles that are very sympathetic to the audience. Could she also play a sample monster?

You will learn more in the video interview of Expres!


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