UTU: in the 1st half of 2022, the number of criminal cases on the smuggling of drugs, weapons and forests increased :: News

Photo: Border Department of the FSB of Russia in the Krasnodar Territory

In the first half of 2022, the customs authorities of the Southern Customs Directorate (SUT) initiated 164 criminal cases (in the first half of 2021 – 147 criminal cases). The largest number of initiated criminal cases falls on the Southern operational, Krasnodar and Novorossiysk customs. This was reported today by the press service of UTU.

For crimes punishable under Article 194 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (evasion of customs payments), 29 criminal cases were initiated (1H 2021 – 35 Criminal Cases).

The amount of additionally assessed customs payments amounted to 994.1 million rubles (1H 2021 – 633.5 million rubles).

In the area of ​​combating the illegal movement of narcotic drugs, potent and psychotropic substances across the customs border of the EAEU, the customs authorities of the region revealed 70 facts (in the first half of 2021 – 56 facts), 34 criminal cases were initiated (in the first half of 2021 – 30 criminal cases). In total, more than 1.2 tons of narcotic drugs and potent substances were withdrawn from circulation (the bulk – more than 1.1 tons – were dried parts of the plant of the common Harmala species, which contain the narcotic drug “harmine”).

45 criminal cases were initiated on the facts of smuggling of weapons, ammunition, military and dual-use goods (1H 2021 – 18 criminal cases). On the facts of violations of customs legislation when importing (exporting) cars – 16 criminal cases (1st half of 2021 – 13 AP), on the facts of smuggling of forest complex products – 20 criminal cases (1st half of 2021 – 8 AP), including 1 criminal case against an organized group under Part 3 of Art. 226.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

In the first half of 2022, UTU customs initiated 6,497 cases of administrative offenses on the facts of committing administrative offenses (1 half of 2021 – 6,904 cases of AP). The Krasnodar and Rostov customs are the leaders in terms of the number of AP cases. The decrease in the number of initiated cases of accidents is due to the suspension of air traffic at almost all international airports located in the zone of activity of the UTU customs authorities. The number of revealed facts of illegal movement of goods, non-declaration and false declaration of goods and vehicles, cash, non-compliance with established prohibitions and restrictions (Articles 16.1, 16.2, 16.3, 16.4 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, the so-called “smuggling » compositions).

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