Turn away, there are eggs! Uklzeka dispersed a group of vanars and Dejdar to the general’s table


100% of the hard core of Czech show business sat on the faith that the presidential candidate Petr Pavel held for his sympathizers. Jitka vanarov, Martin Dejdar, Ondej Pavelka, Milan Teindler and reisr Vclav Marhoul sat at one of the tables. But they didn’t sit for long, they spent a lot of time smoking a few cigarettes in front of the Rock Cafe club, where the party and the general speech were held. And there was also a good spicy schnapps!

The changeling bird took a rather long puff of a cigarette on the street not far from the National Theater. While Ondej Pavelka laughed at the picture on the box, Jitka teased Vanarov about the ringing of electronic cigarettes.

The group had a few drinks.

Vichni used to have fun together in a circle and gradually fell in love with friends and colleagues who left the circle, you with Janek Ledecky and Jan Komnek.

The group had a few drinks.

But the fun, at least for a while, ended when the party was dispersed by a worker in the typically orange uniform of the Prague Services. She wandered among the actors’ garbage with a shovel and without napkins she asked for Dejdar et al. they got out of the way because he has to pick up the eggs that are pouring down.

But it’s not from us! explained Jitka vanarov quickly and with an uncertain laugh.

Jitka Vanarov explained that neither she nor her colleagues are to blame for the mess on the sidewalk.

Hlouek then went to bed for a while, then the actors gradually started to order a ride and went out into the streets.

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