They terrorized my family, they were looking for a tiger at the cleaning house, he described the Vmola raid. Kincl: I invite aloba


Last December, there was supposed to be a match where MMA would end in three years. Current champion of the Octagon Patrick Kincl he had a second in career to break the word with his rival Karlos Vmola. Kincl was in the form of his life and determined to prove that he had come a long way since the first fight.

Vmola, however, died in a hospital in Motolsk in December due to complications. Again, Octagon proctor Ondej Novotn informed that his life was not in danger. In the end, however, it turned out that Vmol’s injury took a break. Oktagon had to retaliate accordingly.

The day after returning from the hospital at Vmola, Ekala gave discomfort. The police intervened in his middle school. A police raid lasting several hours, which had the aim of investigating the possible illegal breeding of foreign animals, has now been described in detail to the server

There were about ten policemen at my house and all of them were looking for a tiger that was on the prowl in the garden. They were even looking for him among the neighbors and cleaners. If they terrorized my family, I would try to go. What I don’t understand, though, is that they didn’t drink with a single expert who would deal with exotic guests. They had veterinary and environmental people there, but none of them were able to take samples from them. I had to do it, even when I wasn’t obliged to do it. I didn’t want it to stress and suffer when people didn’t tell you how to proceed, Vmola was happy, who stated in his release that Patrik Kincl should have reported him first.

lo o elov dn from comrade Patrik Kincel, which only confirms how much I am in front of that rescue bl. Those poor people filled it with a song so that I had to go there before the rescue, but they didn’t know that I would get sick outside and there would be no rescue, said Karlos.

Karlos Vmola

ampion Kincl: Vmola is a bitch, I’ll eat it with the first ones

Vmola did not publish the evidence that Kincl first reported it, and then it just looks like a slap in the face. The current champion of the Octagon didn’t like this trend.

It’s jet vt co**t, no I thought. I think that Karel Vmola should wake up from his dream, recover, I did not send 100% day by day, said TV Prime Kincl, to whom some fans on social media advise him to fight against the current from Karlos Vmola in the first way.

It seems that Kincl has taken the advice from fans to heart, as he is now rumored to be calling for an allegation on Terminator.

It was heard in the main beginnings. I thought it was a member to knock me down and hurt me. I don’t mind that. I tried to ignore and not comment on his personal streams, but this is beyond me. Urit, I will discuss it with the first girls, ekl for portl Kincl, who would understandably be most happy if he could settle disputes with Vmola in the cage.

I won’t deny that I’m uncomfortable when I get involved in such matters. I didn’t pay attention to him day after day. I never dreamed of such flows as he did. He cornered me and I’ll probably go the first way, added jet Kincl.


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