The wheel has closed! I will not be poor. Petra and Nesvailová trolled Vignero’s pard


When did it come to light, the screenwriter Peter Koleko still maintains a relationship with a lover Denisa Nesvailovait looked like Anet Vignerov the dream of having a family fell apart. Instead of kicking around, she just said the first verse to warn the sokini in love, and laughed at them.

days of media intrigue, as it happens with some breakups, not even a day at first, the model is trying to leave her mouth because of her young son Jiko.

Now it’s possible, and that’s right. Fans, look at how insightful and witty he takes it, hey Koleko has put on his antlers again.

The satirist TMBK made a funny comment on the joke, making fun of how the film never stops running from partner to lover and back again.

Vignerov, Nesvailov, Vignerov, Nesvailov… Under the wheel, the table in the photo that Aneta commented on.

Aneta’s answer surprised everyone.

you too wrote miss with a laughing emoticon, and people almost collapsed with laughter.

They agreed that it was a worthy answer. Make fun of it, don’t kick around. Actually, it happens that she perfectly trolled an infidel and a red-haired actress.

Nesvailov and Koleko sat together, but they didn’t act as usual.

I won’t be sad or upset, we’re going long. I’m not going to make myself poor. If you do something similar, well done, Vignerov said last time on Instagram.

And with that, she would like to put the whole love triangle behind her and go to Moravia to spend the holidays with her family.


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