The Tiktoker was pointing out the bad behavior of the feminist. They deleted his video twice


Influencer Jakub Fedoráš is outraged by the fact that, according to him, there is no equality between men and women on TikTok. He claims that girls keep uploading videos complaining about men, but when he criticized a feminist who mocks male suicides, the platform blocked his video.

Fedoráš released the video on Tuesday, January 10, and it received tens of thousands of views in the first few hours. However, the platform deleted him. So he decided to release a modified form and re-uploaded the video. However, when it reached fifty thousand views, it was deleted again, allegedly for bullying. Tiktoker is upset about this and claims that he didn’t do anything against the platform’s policies.

@veronicasimkova ♬ original sound – ✨YOUR FAVE FEMINIST✨

“Men say they have a hard time too. He likes to flaunt the fact that 80 percent of suicides are men. It sounds like the men have run out. We’ll get that percentage right.” can be heard on Veronika Šimková’s TikTok, which angered Jakub Fedoráš so much that he decided to respond to him with the aforementioned deleted video.

According to Fedoráš, this is mockery and accuses Šimková of blaming men for everything and being too biased. “You make this joke about male suicide. You actually make fun of all the people who were so miserable that they took their own lives, but then you make a video saying how absolutely horrible made-up, fictitious rape jokes are. And finally you add that men are to blame for the suicides, are you normal?’ asks Fedoráš towards Šimková.

He also adds that he considers the girl to be an example of a feminist that everyone hates. He claims that he gives feminists a bad name, is not objective at all and does not look at things with perspective. He also adds that he sees men behind every problem and, according to him, the fault lies both on the side of men and on the side of women.

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At least the influencer uploaded the video to Instagram, where no one has yet deleted it. He still doesn’t give up even with TikTok, and instead of posting Šimková’s video on the platform and commenting on it, he plans to directly dress up as Šimková and imitate her. In the comments, most people support Fedoráš. “The more popular TikTok is, the more it censors. This is today’s democracy, it stands under the video.” But there are also those who defend Šimková and her behavior on the networks. “You go into topics you don’t understand and spread misinformation,” writes one girl to a tiktoker.


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