The secret of marriage before death? Agta’s finger was adorned with a ring with a large heart-shaped stone


The two announced the pregnancy, now perhaps the secret of the engagement? At the funeral of her grandmother Olga, model Agta Hanychov (37) showed off a mysterious ring that adorns the ring finger of her left hand. Although she tried to be inconspicuous so as not to notice the decoration, she even turned the heart-shaped trunk around so that it could not be seen, but she still asked the question: Did Jaromr Soukup give her her hand before the sad event?

Future mother of three Agta Hanychov she recently posted, eh Jaromr Soukup stle didn’t give his hand, his dt’s nose would be under his heart. Jet on the weekend pi ivm showed that there is no ring on the ring.

Today, at the funeral of our beloved grandmother Olga, we noticed one detail: a new perk appeared on the ring finger of her left hand, namely a large heart-shaped ring with a glowing stone.

What if the owner of TV Barrandov would be complacent and finally kneel before his sweetheart? Urit would at least take away his thoughts from the loss, when Agta drank not only about her ancestors, but also about her late soul and mother.

It was also strange how the model tried to hide the ring from the photographers. When she hugged her husband, who was just on the move from Panama, it was clear that he was wearing a ring. A little while later it was different.


The host of the program Holika patted the stem towards her palm, then on her right hand was a ring, which she wore for the summer. I didn’t share about the upcoming big day, but as we all know Agta, she will soon be teasing the goddess on Instagram.


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