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Understandably, the most popular name is Andrej Babi. Nova became the only television to be honored with its nvtva. And in the end it turns out that he chose a good strategy.

In the debates before the parliamentary and municipal elections, he often couldn’t hold his own, raised his voice, argued, jumped into the others. This did not happen before the presidential election, which is the most representative office. So Babiv focused most of his energy on Nova, preparing him thoroughly.

Andrej Babi is, in contrast to the debates before the parliamentary and municipal elections, in which he looked at the other candidates and gave them a speech, as a replacement. For a few weeks, he learned to smile and not jump into the room. And above all, don’t VOX TV political commentator Filip Turek commented on the public online broadcast of Express.

And he was far from the only one who knew it. Even the outspoken Andrej Babie and the presidential candidate Pavel Fischer acknowledged that the debate for the ANO movement had failed.

I am shocked by the discussion of privileged candidates on TV Nova. Both Petr Pavel and Danue Nerudov explained something, moved in the past or spoke in general terms. Andrej Babi systematically dragged them down with his populism. And when it came to political experience, even abroad, neither Pavel nor Nerudov had any respect. It was to be expected, my God. The voice of a person with direct political experience who would oppose Babio was noticeably missing. This discussion really helped Andrej Babio in his dream of the Castle, Fischer wrote.

General Petr Pavel aroused emotions. He spoke the tradition perfectly, comprehensibly and concisely, but while he came out of the debate at Prim as a supreme leader, this time his speech seemed more energetic to me. As Fischer pointed out, the place was the absence of political experience even in his case.

In the public debates on Nov, Mr. General was quite blunt and actually disappointed a little. Believe me, the debate certainly didn’t make his rating stick, comments one of the girls on Pavlov’s profile, although many others, on the contrary, reveal that the general assured them that he would be the best president.

Debate on Nov

This led to more than one situation where General Pavel lost his rebellious calm, which betrays even his election motto. Especially when he attacked the moderator Rey Koranteng.

Mirek Kalousek probably sent me the last question via Whatsapp, didn’t he? spat the general in response to a question about the skeleton in the closet in the likeness of the KS. He turned to Babie several times.

First, even Rey Koranteng divided the Czech public with his performance in the debates. Prkrot had to stop Andrej Babie, who wanted to talk a lot, so it was understood that Pavel confused him with a remark about Kalousko. According to the 10-year-old girl, he won the debate without a problem, and even raised it, another voice of disapproval.

The first debate I can think of. If I missed the meaning and content, where does Koranteng lead? Takov Matjsk – from lochnesky, to Russian wheel dog etzk, wrote the deputy for the ODS Pavel Drobil, while his colleague and ex-prime minister Mirek Topolnek went to travel dl.

He added that without Baba first, the debate would be boring.

Danue Nerudov, on the other hand, doesn’t fight at all after a public nov show. It is understood that the former rector of Mendel University is slowly falling out of the circle and the elections will be the next battle between Babia and Pavel.

The reason is simple, Neruda clearly lost the debate at Prim, and Vera was a kind of neutral aunt around the car. The game mainly revolved around Babia, who was strongly opposed by Pavel, she tried to get into the game, but in vain. The only difference was his flow to Babie because of NB, when she declared that the ex-premier was going to press the loans for years, because his Agrofert needs them.

Stop being aggressive, be careful, for the first time in your life! And so very activist. It was an interesting thread about NB. For her, the daily debate is about three times more positive than the religion. But as I drank, nothing bad could drink, political commentator Filip Turek reviewed for Expres in an online report.


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