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Tele2, the Russian mobile operator, is doubling the Internet package for new and existing subscribers: every three months, customers will receive a double traffic package, subject to timely payment for the tariff. They are free to dispose of additional gigabytes at their own discretion, including selling on the Market and sharing with friends.

As part of a special offer, Tele2 customers will receive twice as much Internet for communication and entertainment online. The company will double the gigabyte package if the subscription fee for the tariff is paid on time for three consecutive months. The program is available to current and new subscribers on tariffs open for connection: Premium, Black, My Online+, My Online or My Conversation.

The operator supports the lifestyle of users, follows market trends and launches exactly those solutions that are useful to customers. Today, the needs of the audience are changing, it is becoming more digital. In the second quarter of 2022, the volume of Internet traffic consumed in the operator’s network grew by 22% year-on-year.

Acting according to “other rules”, Tele2 offers its subscribers not just a one-time traffic doubling, but the opportunity to receive a double gigabyte package once every three months. The client will be able to dispose of an additional package of Internet traffic without restrictions. The user decides what to do with the extra gigabytes: use it online, share it with friends, sell it on the Market, or transfer it to the next month. More about the program – site.

In order to participate in the program and not miss the date of payment of the subscription fee according to the tariff, the operator recommends activating the service “Auto payment“. Automatic replenishment of the balance with a bank card will help you not only stay in touch, but also receive additional Internet traffic from the company every three months. Activation of the service is free of charge, subscription fee and commission are not charged when transferring funds.

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