Stop increasing the price of eggs: Nerudová is the target of jokes, her knights, including Kalouska, remain silent


“Sewing the new standard costs CZK 8,500. Is it really worth so much talk? The original one was never splashed with blood. Only by collaborating,” Miroslav Kalousek, who is a big supporter, said on Twitter after the presidential super debate on CNN Prima News Danuša Nerudová.

He evidently did not like how the moderator Terezie Tománková kept returning to the standard at the Castle and his favorite kept asking questions with dignity, unlike her opponent Petr Pavel. Even he himself was silent in the final, which is surprising. Kalousek is famous for the fact that he rarely runs out of words, on the contrary, his tongue is always well sharpened.

“Mr. Kalouska, Mrs. Nerudová is in the towel and you know it. Sometimes it turns into a weaker granny hysteria. Acknowledge that and you have my respect,” Dave Morštein wrote to him.

“Danuše Nerudová is falling again, so a quick tweet is needed,” added JaLa.

“How about simply admitting that your candidate is on the defensive? These crutches are so embarrassing for a debater of your caliber. It needs order and peace,” added by a user named Soldier and Man.

Danuše Nerudová is now a grateful target of internet pranksters.

“It’s a pity, indeed, a great pity in your case that in your jihad blindness you are unable or unwilling to see and hear the arrogance, affectation, aggression, falsehood, empty phrases and the eyes of Mrs. Neruda. Or you are, even worse…” Jitka told the ex-minister of finance.

“The value of the presidential standard is not really measured by the purchase price. Just like, for example, the Order of the White Lion, whose production price does not correspond to its importance. That?” a certain Alartus dug into Kalouska.

With the next status, the situation got even worse. This happened after the seasoned politician downplayed the voting results of CNN Prima News viewers, 70 percent of whom voted for Petr Pavla, a third for Nerudova.

Miroslav Kalouska, who supports Danuša Nerudová, is also running out of strength.

“Now I have to ask the truth, we debated and drank together a few times, we are close in opinion, but how much money does this convulsive effort to support an absolutely tragic and desperate DN make? You can also in euros, so that there are fewer zeros.” Harry Pavlos wrote to Kalouska.

“Fry it in the morning. You wouldn’t write that sober.” responded the politician.

Well, let’s see who gets the hangover…


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