Šteindler after years of suffering with women: He showed an exotic partner at the general’s party!


Milan Šteindler’s ordeal dragged on for a damn long time. His wife once almost killed him with an ashtray she threw at him from the eighth floor, she routinely attacked him physically.

“Daily there was yelling and aggression, she slapped me, strangled me, beat me with her fists, kicked me between the legs. As soon as I raised my hands, she lay on the ground and screamed, ‘Children, daddy is beating mommy.’ The peak came just before I left and it’s something you don’t want to brag about. I started locking myself in my room, and when I forgot one time, she poured glue on my crotch in my sleep.” Šteindler later recounted.

When the popular actor decided to smash the table, the horror moved to court. His wife accused him of being a danger to their daughter, accused him of harassing her, spread the word about him not paying alimony… As Milan Šteindler revealed to MF DNES a few years ago, he even considered suicide.

He finally managed to get out of the vicious circle and start over. He even found a common ground with his ex-wife, who came with her children in September 2021 to see the premiere of the film Way Home, in which he starred.

For a long time, Šteindler was looking for someone with whom he could share his new life. A few years ago, he dated the tattooed blonde Kateřina, and what’s more, they were even planning a wedding together. But their relationship had collapsed even before that.

Now, however, the actor looks forward to much better times. He has been dating an unknown dark-skinned woman for some time.

And their relationship is interestingly connected with the presidential candidate Petr Pavlo. For the first time, Blesk caught Šteindler with an exotic lady at the general’s birthday party in the Prague club Rock Café, in 2021. However, they both wore masks then.

Only now he showed his dear half in all its beauty. And again at the Rock Café at a party that General Pavel organized for his supporters and gave a speech there.

Václav Marhoul next to his partner Milan Šteindler

Šteindler led his partner, dressed in a matching burgundy coat, by the hand around the club. With him, she joined the cast, which already consisted of Martin Dejdar, Ondřej Pavelka, Jitka Čvančarová and Václav Marhoul. They all sat together at one table on the lower floor, but they also stood outside the club smoking cigarettes for a long time.

We can only hope that this relationship will finally last for Milan Šteindler!


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