Sra from Love Island: A luxury holiday with an Evek footballer? She probably wasn’t looking for love in the villa!


In the second season of the Love Island reality show, David Vitsek became a target, due to an affair with a certain Rebeka, who was supposed to be waiting for him at home, while he started a relationship with Natli Koendová. But, it seems, there were many similar incidents. Expres u bhem szlin wrote that, according to him, the blonde Sra Marlov is engaged to the footballer Michal Evek. This is now, perhaps, confirmed.

When Sra was enjoying luxury on the Canary Islands and was not particularly interested in establishing a new relationship, speculations began to circulate that she had moved into the villa for love and fame.

Viewers also bombarded moderator Zorka Hejdová with questions during one of her broadcasts and sought the truth. According to the rules of the day, I am not allowed to have relations at home.

How Express he pointed out then, Sra had minimal pressure before leaving for Love Island very close to the Brno football player Michal Evek, who has just signed for Spart and will play for her from the summer. They broke a lot of hearts on social media, the pretty blonde wrote messages under the photos like us babes.

After returning from Love Island, none of them confirmed the relationship, on the contrary, they preferred to send messages of love. I will arrange a holiday in Zanzibar with you according to your duration.

Fuck you in Zanzibar. And get out, you’re an Evek footballer.

From there, Sra sent several photos to her fans, and in one of them, she can be seen to be accompanied by an unknown young man.

Evk is also relevant in the exotic paradise, who, on the other hand, posted a photo of him holding the hand of a mysterious long-haired blonde. According to the same nails, bracelet and marks, it seems that this is the first star from Love Island.

Fuck you in Zanzibar.

For each other, I will still keep it secret, they will be confused. Mon Sra doesn’t want it to be blamed on the fact that she entered the reality show with a biased mind and didn’t pay attention to the rules. The production should also pay attention to who goes to the villa really looking for love, and who goes wild just to get nosebleeds.


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