Soukup’s tip: Babi will win the election. I tried to block it to untie Zeman


According to Soukup, the only reason to overturn Andrej Babia’s position in the presidential elections was the candidacy of current Prime Minister Petr Fiala. However, it is not clear why the owner of TV Barrand is running against the opposition candidates.

Babi will probably win the presidential election. km from autumn 2022. Bata pekvap and sneje for tinct percent. What will happen next will start on Saturday evening, January 14. The fact that Petr Fiala decided not to run will change Czech politics for five to eight years. Feel free to get angry wrote Soukup.

I have the impression that for Andrej Babie’s failure he did everything in his power. I hate his tweet because nobody listened to Soukup. At least this is how he explained it to a certain Minister of Finance, Miroslav Kalouska, with whom I have a Barrandov plan, there are a few of them, and he replied that Babi could not and would not win the election.

Mirko, he already warned Andrej Babie about his questioning. how far can it go? Nobody listens to me. I personally submitted the constitutional declaration and the proposal to postpone the elections to the constitutional court. She was clouded. I can hear the growth. If Babi wins, at least I tried to atone for my mistake, i.e. Zeman, wrote Soukup.

In the past, Milo Zeman declared Jaromr Soukup his friend. Now, however, it seems that their industry is going through a crisis.

He complained about the fact that he helped the incumbent President Milo Zeman during his presidential campaign, praised him in all his actions, and even had regular interviews with him on the program A Week with the President, where he was not at all warm to confrontation.

But then they both unraveled. At the meeting of 2020, the poad passed away, then ride in peace. The President’s office issued a statement saying that the case had exhausted its potential, Soukup again said that the whole thing was frozen, but it is not a serious blow to television. asem, but the businessman started criticizing the president.


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