Sochi scientists have again returned to the creation of frost-resistant tea varieties :: News

The Subtropical Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences has formed a comprehensive plan for the creation and preservation of a tea collection. On its basis, selection and genetic studies are carried out, the mechanisms of adaptation of the tea plant to growing conditions are studied. This was reported today by the press service of the Center.

Director of the FRC SNC RAS, Academician of the RAS Alexei Ryndin set the task of expanding the territory of tea plantations to more northern regions. There are all conditions and prerequisites for this.

According to local tea growers, the demand for their products is only growing every year. And yet, given the factor of import substitution, this goal seems reasonable and far-sighted. Andrey Platonov, Candidate of Economic Sciences, expert of the FRC SNC RAS ​​on the system of communications between authorities, scientific institutions, public and commercial organizations, spoke about this and much more in an interview with correspondents of the All-Russian State TV Channel “Russia 1” of the news program “Vesti Sochi”.

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