Six members of an extremist organization were convicted in Gukovo :: News

They all have to serve their sentences in a penal colony.

In the Rostov Region, six members of the extremist organization Jehovah’s Witnesses* banned in Russia were sentenced: I. Moiseev, A. Gorely, E. Razumov, A. Dyadkin, O. Shidlovsky, and V. Popov. service of the regional courts.

In particular, two of the defendants in the criminal case received 6 years and 6 months in prison, four more – 7 years each. All six men will spend the terms appointed by the court in a general regime colony.

In addition, those found guilty of extremism, the court imposed a restriction of freedom after serving their sentence. They were also forbidden to engage in organizational activities in public and religious associations.

According to the joint press service of the courts of the Rostov region, the convicts, in violation of the law, preached their ideas in Gukovo from July 2017 to August 2020. They never admitted their guilt.


*Jehovah’s Witnesses is an extremist organization banned in Russia, liquidated on the basis of a decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.

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