Roza Syabitova, Viki Odintsova, Sasha Stone and Oleg Vereshchagin will take part in the third season of the Stars in Africa show :: News

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Together with the participants, their long-standing conflicts will return to the project

In South Africa, filming of the third season of the extreme adventure project TNT has been completed. The third season of the show “Stars in Africa” ​​promises to be intense and emotional, because the participants of the first two seasons will meet in the star camp. Earlier, TNT announced the return of the main intriguer of the first season to the show. Stas Yarushin. Will join him Sasha Stone, Viki Odintsova, Rosa Syabitova and Oleg Vereshchagin. The names of the other participants are still kept secret. It is known that in addition to the old participants, newcomers will also take part in the project.

Together with the participants, old conflicts will return to the camp. After the first season, Vika Odintsova had some questions for Stas Yarushin, who played a dishonest game towards her, although she considered him a friend. The project will also continue the “confrontation” between Oleg Vereshchagin and Sasha Stone, which began in the second season. The previously brewing conflict in the third season will gain momentum and end in a fight.

It is worth recalling that in the second season, Sasha Stone left the project of his own free will. On the project, Sasha began a romantic relationship with participant Valya Karnaval, which continued after its completion.

The main rules of the show will remain unchanged: the project participants live in a camp in the middle of the savannah on the banks of the Limpopo River. They have no food, and they can earn it only on the tests that the presenters Misha Galustyan and Olga Buzova prepared for them. Each test is a test of strength and a meeting with your fears in extreme conditions. Every week, nominees for departure from the project are determined by voting. They pass the test, according to the results of which one of the participants is sent home.

In the new season, the producers have prepared even larger and more complex tasks. In addition, there will be funny and absurd challenges for the stars in the camp.

The winner of the first season of the Stars in Africa project was football player Vyacheslav Malafeev, who fought for victory in the final with blogger Yulia Gavrilina. In the second season of reality, Valya Karnaval and comedian Oleg Vereshchagin competed for the title of winner, who eventually won.

The third season of the show “Stars in Africa” ​​- soon on TNT.

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