Ronaldo after the botched World Cup in Qatar: Billions in Arabia and life in a luxury apartment for 334 mega!


Cristiano Ronaldo he believed that after a sad end at Manchester United, he would make it to the World Cup in Qatar. He was able to do anything for the gold medal, but in the end Argentina won the tournament and the best game went to Ronaldo’s rival Lionel Messi, who is now hailed by the whole world as the best footballer of all time.

Is this the worst possible scenario for the legendary CR7? It’s not far off! The seven-year-old fighter, who is still going without an angam, also got into the eleven worst games of the tournament.

Ronaldo tries to fit in a huge load while on holiday in Dubai. On his Instagram profile, he showed off several pictures from Pepych’s resort. It should not surprise anyone that a Portuguese man works hard in a hotel and spends the day in the gym.

Cristiano Ronaldo is enjoying a well-deserved vacation in Dubai.

In addition to his appearance, Ronaldo also strives for the future. In recent days, there has been talk that Cristiano is close to signing a contract with the Arab club Al Nassr.

The five-time winner of the Golden Week would earn an astronomical sum of 200 million euros (4.8 billion crowns) per season as a player in Arabia.

Cristiano Ronaldo is enjoying a well-deserved vacation in Dubai.

According to the Polish newspaper Marca, the Arabs have offered Ronaldo a seven-year contract. Ronaldo would have 2.5 years in the club as a player, the rest as an ambassador for the country in the pursuit of the 2030 World Cup bid together with Egypt and Czech Republic. In the role of ambassador, Ronald’s salary would increase.

What about Ronaldo in Arabia? Luxury for 334 megabytes, but life in a bubble!

The British server Mail Online is now speculating where Ronaldo could go in the event of a move to Arabia. The purchase of a luxury apartment in the suburbs of the city of Rijd is very likely.

A similar luxury should await Ronaldo in Arabia.

If the transfer of Ronaldo and his family really happens, then one of the best football players of all time will be in one of the city’s most prestigious neighborhoods.

We can’t afford real estate here. As an example, the aforementioned portal cites a luxury complex with two swimming pools and eight swimming pools, which is available to me for 12.2 million pounds, which is a little over 334 million crowns.

However, this should not be a problem for Ronald, who has at least eight other properties.

A similar luxury should await Ronaldo in Arabia.

The thumb is located in the Al Macqa neighborhood not far from the beautiful park. I have a dormitory available for maids and ideos and I rent my own gym.

There are also shops and clinics in similar luxury residences. The resort is designed in such a way that the owner does not need to leave his seat at all.

A similar luxury should await Ronaldo in Arabia.

The same problem for Ronald and his family could be the fact that some residents have the patience to finish the first year. There is even a nboensk police on revenge,

This lifestyle, which reminds us of an unfree life in a bubble, would most likely not suit Ronaldo’s partner and well-known model Georgin Rodriguez.


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