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You can book a mailbox for receiving correspondence at 317 branches of the Russian Post in the territory of the region, which provide customers with more than 12,000 mailboxes. To book a box online, you need to go to the “Rent a box” section on the website or in the company’s mobile application, select a convenient post office and dates for using the box. The system will specify the number of free cells and calculate the cost. This was reported today by the press service of the federal communications operator.

Private clients can immediately pay for the service in their personal account on the website or in the company’s mobile application. Organizations will need to print the payment order form and pay through the bank. Then you need to sign the application at the post office and get the key to the box. Mail can be picked up from the mailbox without a queue at any time during the weekdays of the branch.

The advantage of subscribing to a cell for individuals, self-employed and individual entrepreneurs is the ability not to indicate their home address when receiving letters and parcels, as well as to ensure the safety of correspondence and periodicals in the event of a mailbox malfunction in an apartment building.

The service of renting a mailbox in a branch allows organizations with several offices to combine mail flows and simplify the procedure for receiving items. Or vice versa – to divide incoming mail by renting several PO boxes. The safety of correspondence is guaranteed, since the box is located in the post office and is locked with a key that only the tenant has.

The lease term is from one month to a year, and after that it is possible to extend the contract. In 2021, Russian Post customers in the Krasnodar Territory rented 6,198 subscription boxes.

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